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    Integrating emerging risk considerations into an ongoing risk management program is necessary to avoid future surprises, achieve strategic objectives and deliver long-term value, according to the newly published RIMS Executive Report “Navigating the Complexities of Emerging Risks.” Based on the findings from ... read more
  • RIMS President's Corner: On The Road Again

    That was fun!  The RIMS team couldn’t be more thrilled with the results from our very first RISKWORLD™. After months of difficult planning – and late nights worrying whether our dream of an in-person meeting would actually become reality – it came together ... read more

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  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    I am looking for a technology solution for our Master Insurance Program. We have a master program that allows independent contractors to participate in several types of insurance coverage. We need a system that tracks individual participants, their types ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    I think your broker would be a good resource. I'd be leery of engaging the cyber carrier as you want to be able to control and manage your areas of opportunity/improvement rather than having your insurer controlling it. If you don't have a law firm engaged ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    We were one of the first clients to use the Origami platform. Over the years I've seen it grow and mature, adding enhancements on a regular basis. The enhancements have been largely put in place to solve a client problem. I've found the system very ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    Hello Stephanie, This is a good question. I am not sure if you just need a software or work with the methodology too. Either way, here are some great resources. 1. MHA Consulting: Business Continuity Consulting Leaders | MHA Consulting (mha-it.com) ...

  • Posted in: Risk Professionals

    Afternoon Penny, BCI currently offers a tabletop exercise/simulation game that is BC focused and the scenario is a cyber attack. Here is the link: BCI Simulation Game | BCI (thebci.org) Otherwise I agree that your cyber broker should be able to assist. ...

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